Compare Pro-Tools Notcher Models: Which notcher is right for me?

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 500 "Racer" Notcher
 501 "Industrial" Notcher
Minimum Round Tubing Capacity 1/2" OD 1/2" OD
Maximum Round Tubing Capacity 2" OD 2" OD
Minimum Pipe Capacity NPS 1/4 NPS 1/4
Maximum Pipe Capacity NPS 1-1/2 NPS 1-1/2
Angled Notching Up to 60 Degrees Up to 60 Degrees
Offset Notching No Yes, up to 1/2 the OD of the material
Get this notcher if… ...You need a reliable notcher with straight and angled notching capabilities. ...You love all the features of our "Racer" Notcher, but your projects demand offset notching capabilities.

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