CNC-Machining and Waterjet Cutting Services

To increase productivity and better serve its customers, Pro-Tools has Vertical Machining Centers complete with the latest version of Solidworks for your 3D and 2.5D CNC-projects.  We can easily process CAD drawings that are ready to be loaded into our CNC controller, or our team can help you design a custom solution to fit your exact needs.  Our engineer can take your project from concept to reality. Additionally, Pro-Tools has recently incorporated advanced abrasive waterjet cutting technology from OMAX Corporation into our manufacturing process. The Maxiem 1530 will provide Pro-Tools the speed and versatility to quickly process high and low volume jobs for its customers within the metal fabrication industry and beyond. 

For an estimate or to discuss your waterjet or CNC project further,
give the Pro-Tools team a call at 813-986-9000.


The SMTCL Vertical Machining Center 1000B operated by Pro-Tools allows us to provide powerful CNC machining services for our customers at an affordable price. Whether you have CAD or CAM drawings ready for upload or you need to consult with our engineer to make your rough sketch a reality, Pro-Tools is able to cut metals and plastics accurately and efficiently. Pro-Tools utilizes the latest version of Solidworks, a comprehensive 3D design solution that incorporates powerful simulation, motion, and design validation tools, advanced wire and pipe routing functionality, reverse engineering capabilities, and much more.

WORKTABLE Dimensions 1200mm x 500mm
T-slot dimension 18mm x 5mm
Maximum work load 600 kg
WORKING RANGE X-axis 1000mm
Y-axis 610mm
Z-axis 650mm
Distance between spindle nose & table surface 150-800mm
Speed 8000rpm
ACCURACY Positioning accuracy ±0.005/300mm
Repeatability positioning accuracy ±0.003mm


For an estimate of Pro-Tools CNC machining services,
give the team a call at 813-986-9000.