Repairing Your Backing Block

If you don’t take care of your backing block, it won’t take care of you. If you don’t keep your backing block clean, free of debris, and well-greased or you don’t clean your material, the backing block will get scratched and it will mar your material when you make bends. If you’ve gone past the point of no return, you will have to buy a new backing block. But before you call us, try this trick. Polish the radiuses of your backing block with a die grinder, using at least 50 grit sandpaper. Remove all the imperfections until you’re left with a smooth surface. Voila! No more scratches in your material. Don’t make a habit out of this, though. Each time you polish your block, you’re changing the radius of the backing block. At first, you won’t notice any change; the backing block will perform like it did when it was new. But after doing this multiple times, you might notice your material flattening.


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