Bending Basics -

Bending Basics: Which bending software should you choose?

Which Bend-Tech is Right for me?

Must have BendTech SE if:

  • Your bender has a rotary index table.
  • Some of your parts have more than one radius.
  • You receive XYZ data from your customers or engineering department.
  • Need to convert between inches & millimeters.
  • You need decimal place accuracy for your bend angles or rotations.
  • Have any parts over 10 bends.
  • You are concerned about setup and production time.
  • Want to import or export .DXF files.

Should have BendTech SE if:

  • Your business depends on bending tube
  • You have a bender that is worth more than $5000.00
  • You bend tube almost everyday
  • Desire to have the software help with spring back compensation

Must have a minimum of BendTech PRO if:

  • Want to design in assembly
  • You desire fish-mouthing cutting profiles
  • Need to dimension your parts
  • Have any parts over 6 bends

Should have a minimum of BendTech PRO if:

  • You end up welding multiple pieces together
  • Don't have any other CAD design software tools

Must have a minimum of TendTech EZ-3D if:

  • Want to find the bend rotation
  • Want to design in 3D
  • Need to flip the part between bends.

Should have a minimum of BendTech EZ-3D if:

  • You don't line the bend mark with the exact location of where the bending starts.
  • Don't have any bending experience.

What is BendTech EZ good for?

  • You are going to bend less than 20 parts in a year.
  • Most of your bending is 90 degree with no rotation
  • EZ is typically sold as an OEM product for hobbyist style benders.
  • The majority of customers who purchase EZ will upgrade in a very short period of time.


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